Welcome to the blog Rate Your Escape Room!

Hi and welcome to the blog Rate Your Escape Room!!

First of all let me thank you for visiting this blog, I hope you like it.

This is a blog linked with the web page for searching Escape Rooms https://www.rateyourescaperoom.com/en, in which we are going to add news, interesting things, events and everything related with Escape Rooms around the world.

Obiously, we will also tell you our adventures trying to escape from the all the Escape that we will do, as well as the ones that we already did.

Our main goal is to try to share our knowledge and experiences about Escape Rooms, and also to try to reach as more people as possible, so they could feel our passion for this game, and, if you have not done any one yet, do it right now! because this is like a drug.

Without further delay, let the Blog begins!! 


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